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White Sangria

White Sangria

Say “Hola” to this Spanish-inspired White Sangria with ripe peach flavours, crisp citrus notes and a hint of ginger.

What should I Pair it with?

Best enjoyed with your favourite fresh fruit, ice and friends!  

  • Alcohol Content: 6.5%
  • Serve at: 8º - 10º C
  • Sugar Code: 8 (84 g/L)
  • Size(s): 750mL
  • Taste: Ripe peach flavours, crisp citrus notes and a hint of ginger.
  • Reviews (10)

    10 reviews for White Sangria

    1. I’ve tried many of the Girls’ Night Out wines, but this one has to be my favourite. Sweet, crisp, fruity, and oh-so-slightly carbonated. The only way to describe it is heavenly!

      Brianna~ April 27, 2018
    2. The best wine I ever had LOVE IT. but I can’t find it in Michigan. How do I get a case? It was fresh and fruity crisply delicious. I want n need more.

      Elaina Moore~ July 4, 2018
    3. Excellent once you manage to get it opened….

      Gmalu~ August 27, 2018
    4. The best sangria I’ve ever had. Purchased on a trip to Canada

      Tonia~ November 24, 2018
    5. Love this &mix with soda water ice and fruit one bottle can go a long ways !

      Trish L~ June 22, 2019
    6. AMAZING!! Best white sangria I’ve ever tried! Try it with a splash of brandy also! Delicious

      Doris schinas~ August 24, 2020
    7. This is the best sangria. I LOVE IT . It is so nice, refreshing, crisp and dreamy. BEST DRINK EVER. I buy all the bottles on the shelf, for fear of being sold out. Please don’t stop making it this wine.

      Charlene~ August 10, 2021
    8. This was the best sangria I have ever had now I can’t find it anywhere

      Dayna~ August 12, 2021
    9. This is by far my absolute favourite wine! I am not a drinker usually but whenever I see this as an option I am down for a couple glasses!

      Rachel~ September 9, 2021
    10. Not a white wine drinker, but LOVE this. Wish you could put this and the red sangria in the single serving cans. Please.

      Mel Little~ May 13, 2022
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