Celebrating is about delicious and easy meals that let you enjoy the party. Make indulging easier with these irresistible chocolate truffles. The tangy chocolate filling is dusted with cocoa for an elegant finish, and make it look like you’ve slave in the kitchen all day.

Serves: 24 truffles
Prep Time: 30 minutes

1 package chocolate wafers
1 package regular cream cheese
1 cup cocoa powder

In a food processor, pulse the chocolate wafers until reduced to a fine crumb. Transfer to a bowl and add the cream cheese. Stir to combine and refrigerate until cold, about 1 hour.

Lightly wet fingers and roll chocolate cookie cream cheese mixture into 1-inch balls. Continue to wet fingers as needed to prevent the mixture from sticking. Transfer truffles to parchment paper.

Dry hands and gently roll each truffle through cocoa powder. Gently shake off any excess. Transfer the truffles back onto parchment paper and refrigerate until ready to enjoy.

Recipe By: YouPinspireMe