Glam your sparkling glassware with this simple treat from our holiday D-I-Wine with Lark and Linen:

What You’ll Need:

Enamel acrylic paint – I found mine at @michaelsstores in rose gold
A bamboo skewer
An inexpensive champagne glass

I love the concept of a homemade gift, and this one couldn’t be easier. Simply dip a bamboo skewer into enamel acrylic paint of your choice and add small polka dots at random to the bottom half of your glass. I like to cluster them at the bottom, and slowly spread them out as I go up, much like sparkling wine bubbles. Bake according to your enamel paint directions and let cool completely. Tuck a few of them in a box, along with a bottle of sparkling, and you’ve got yourself an adorable handmade gift, guaranteed to please. XX, @larkandlinen