Brunch Tee DIY

Still stressing about what to wear to brunch? Girl, take a chill pill and follow along to make the sweetest little tee you ever did see. Or better yet, invite your friends over and get crafty together. Who said matching shirts were only cute on identical twins?

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What you’ll need:

  • T-shirt (preferably a light colour for best readability)
  • Iron and an ironing board (or ironing mat)
  • Iron on transfer papers
  • The “But first, mimosas” template.
  • Scissors

Ready to make your own?

Step 1
Get the “But first, mimosas” template now. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to be backwards 🙂.

Step 2
Print the template on a piece of iron on transfer paper.

Step 3
Cut out the design.

Step 4
Place the design on your t-shirt. We recommend measuring four fingers down from the top of your shirt.

Step 5
Iron the design until it’s nice and stuck to your t-shirt by following the instructions on your transfer paper.

Step 6
Wait for the t-shirt to cool and then peel off the design backing carefully.

Step 7
Voilà! Your custom tee is now ready to strut its stuff at your next brunch.

Don’t forget to share your creation using #SweetSweetSummer.